I am a 26 year old entrepreneur that has founded CCPS Solutions, a computer service company, Undefined Aeon Software, a software development company, and co-founded NOGDUS - New Orleans Game Development United Society.

Okay, so now that you know a bit about me.. I'm seeking a team that has a need for someone with my skill set, and/or a project that I would be able to contribute to. I would like to stress a few things since I continuously have been having to answer these questions:

  1. I have no Networked Game programming experience, so please do not inquire about this topic.
  2. I possess a very basic working knowledge of the Ogre3D API, and would be classified as a beginner with it.
  3. I do not have enough experience with Ogre3D to write any start-up game frameworks.
  4. I could work with an established framework provided that it is fully and well documented.
  5. I prefer not to work on any 3D projects unless there is at least another experienced programmer already on the team and he or she has already established the base code.
  6. Absolutely No Massively Multi-player Online (MMO) projects please!
  7. I will not consider any royalties-paid-on-release deals under any circumstance.