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What is NOGDUS?
New Orleans Game Development United Society is a community based organization for anyone interested in the development of computer video games. Our mission is to educate, and interact with other people that share the same interests.
What does NOGDUS do?
NOGDUS provides a safe and fun environment for social interaction, and game development education. The society holds regular meetings to educate its members about the various aspects of the game development process, and provides a community-driven website for the members of the society to discuss game development and collaborate with other members on game projects.
What do I get by joining NOGDUS?
Each member will be given their own webpage on the community website to host their own projects and portfolio that they will build over the course of their membership with the society and the opportunity to learn skills that would otherwise cost them much more than it costs to attend the NOGDUS meetings. NOGDUS will organize projects for members to collaborate on, and once each project has been completed, they will have their own personalized computer video game that they can show off and say to their friends and family;
A CD-ROM containing tons of software to help you create your own game is available for a small fee of just $5.00.
What type of skills will I learn as a member of NOGDUS?
Our dedication is to educating others about computer video game development, and our staff will teach just about any topic that the member would like to learn about. Including, but not limited to programming, sprites and 3D modeling, level design, story writing, character creation, project management, but most of all, teamwork.
How do I join NOGDUS?
You can join the society through any of the following methods:
  • Attend a NOGDUS meeting and fill out a membership application
  • Email nogdus at ccpssolutions dot com with your name, age, and phone number
  • Register Online by clicking here.
I have a question that isn't answered here. Who do I talk to?
You should contact Richard Marks, the Founder of NOGDUS.

Email nogdus at ccpssolutions dot com